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Noam Cohen

Adam was everything we could have wanted in a real estate agent — my girlfriend and I came to him with a few ideas of Brooklyn apartments we wanted to look at, and within hours we had a firmer idea of what we wanted, an organized list of potential purchases, and a schedule for seeing them. He was there for us through every stage of the process, ready to explain anything we were concerned about and work with the sellers and their agents to negotiate just the right deal for us. At several points along the way, we needed information that was a little more difficult to get. “What is the scope of the proposed renovation project on the buildings for sod? How long will that take and how much will it cost?” We would run into a dead end when asking the listing agents these questions, but Adam would chase down the information. He found contact information for the management company, and the lead of the project, And didn’t stop until we had all the information that we needed to make an informed decision. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Tyler Gardon

From my first call to Adam, I felt heard and in good hands. It was my first home purchase in NYC, and I was scared / unsure like most. Adam was confident, reassuring, and helped me get a lay of the land to narrow my search focus in Brooklyn. I had to move fast, and he helmed an aggressive search over a few weeks. We saw a bunch of properties before finding THE ONE. When it was time to strike, he negotiated a deal I feel lucky to have gotten in such a hot market. We nabbed the last 1 bedroom available in a brand new building, netting out right where I was comfortable. Friendly, responsive, on top of the details, and always happy to chat to lend advice & recommendations. Couldn't be happier with my original call to Adam.

Jess Daly

I'm so grateful to have had Adam Arian as my broker. He went above and beyond to help me find an apartment during a difficult time in the market – and the process of working with him was one in which I felt uniquely supported. Not only did I have access to a deft broker with significant industry knowledge, but working with Adam felt a lot like having a coach; someone really in my corner, advocating for me, and helping to shepherd me throughout the entire process. When I met Adam he listened to my goals, timeline, budget, and the obstacles that had come up in my process up to that point – and worked with me to strategize. He then mobilized his industry connections to help book viewing appointments that weren’t even officially on the market yet. He provided extensive patient, non-judgemental support for questions and concerns I had about listings, and eventually about my contract. He supplied tools to help problem-solve, and overcome obstacles throughout. When I changed my mind about any detail in the search process, he immediately pivoted right along with me. I was blown away by, and so grateful for, the generosity of his time, the depth of his knowledge, and his relaxed, positive attitude. I think it's rare that someone wants to shout from the rooftops how valuable, and how much of a true sanity anchor their broker was to work with, but it felt like a gift from the real estate gods to have met Adam. I could not recommend him more!


Adam was a pleasure to work with. Many real estate agents do not place their clients' interests first, or perhaps do not have the wherewithal to identify quality units that match their desires. Adam was a breath of fresh air, he asked extensive questions and listened to me and my girlfriend before showing us anything. With each showing, he asked more questions and helped us to refine our desires, and the prioritize them, because in NYC, you can't get everything you want. Although we decided that now is not the right time to buy a home, we greatly appreciated Adam's dedication to us and will go back to him when the time is right for us to move into a new home.


Adam was an absolute pro with encyclopedic knowledge of Brooklyn neighborhoods. He showed us a full set of apartments curated specifically to meet our very specific, and discerning demands with clear communication and a great attitude. We did end up staying with our existing landlord in a different unit, but he was even incredibly gracious about that! Would definitely recommend Adam for anyone seeking a property.

Matthew L.

Adam was great - he took time to listen to show me around several neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Based on what I told him about my lifestyle, preferences, and price ranges, he followed up a few days after our meeting with a few other options for apartments. All of the options he recommended were completely in line with what I was looking for. Highly recommend using him!

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Adam is equally experienced with Condos, co-ops, townhouses, and multifamily investment properties. While he specializes in New York City, he is able to help clients anywhere in the US, by teaming up with a local agent in Eklund | Gomes Team at Douglas Elliman nationwide network.
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